About us

What we stand for

We are Luckbox (https://luckbox.com) - an international esports betting platform dedicated to esports betting done right.

We are united by the mission to improve the gaming and esports scene by introducing a fully regulated and safe betting product.

What makes us different from other esports betting startups is our approach - we are building a product specifically for the competitive gaming audience in a fully regulated manner.

Between the management team, Luckbox has 100+ years of shared experience in both esports and gaming (betting and casino) from companies like PokerStars, GosuGamers, FullTilt, Ultraplay, GVC, etc. We also have extremely talented engineers and even some of the best content producers in the industry.

Our Values

We are authentic
We understand our players because we are players too. 

We experience the same reality as our players - we speak the same language; we share the same pop culture.

Luckbox was built by esports enthusiasts who have been part of the professional gaming scene since the era of dial-up internet.

While video game culture is part of our background, competitive gaming and esports betting are our passion.

We care

Esports is about much more than games, statistics, and results. We care about esports' players, their stories, the fans, and the emotional bond between esports games and the gaming community.

We care about our players too, and we strive to create a brand that simplifies esports betting and provides players with a platform they can trust and which speaks in a languages they can relate to.

We act with integrity

Across the esports community, a sense of integrity applies to competitive gaming. 

Cheating or deception will not be tolerated, and even when legitimate vulnerabilities are discovered in a game, there is an unwritten understanding that these will not be abused.

Luckbox operates with the same sense of integrity.

Luckbox is a fully licensed platform, working side by side with regulators to set the highest standards in responsible betting.

We are challenging

Luckbox is a challenger brand - unafraid to challenge ourselves and the esports establishment on issues that are important to our players.

We're a new voice on the scene, here to promote everything good about our community and to preserve esports values.

Working with us:

Working at Luckbox is an opportunity to join a team combining the love for games and esports with extensive experience in building gambling and esports products. It’s also a great opportunity for anyone looking to shape a product from the ground up and truly own their work.

Just like our product, we’re aiming to be a company where gamers find their place in esports. If you wish to contribute to esports and be a part of this rapidly evolving scene, Luckbox is at the forefront of the industry.

We are based on the Isle of Man and we also have a major office in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, a constantly expanding team and a never ending set of challenges; depending on the role, we are also happy with fully remote workers.

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